Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday- The weekend before afraid

When all creatures scary and fearsome come out to play, you do not have to hide away in your room under your bed. For Halloween is to be enjoyed so dress up and make all your dark dreams come true. *wink* *wink*  Enjoy all the parties and all the dressing up but what ever you do be afraid be very afraid..... :)

I thought it well to to snoop around once again and find something delightfully scary.  What I found was Freaken awesome beyond words, and they call themselves Mezzanine Floor. I was really taken a back and stopped everything I was doing to just listen and take in every little sound.

I do not think they can be put in a tidy little genre box, that would just do them a great injustice.  The mix of hard rock and some metal is a treat you been waiting to unwrap for a long time, and while unwrapping it your heart pounds your breath away. The powerful voice of the the lead singer sends trilling chills down your spine.  The bands instrumental technique is sure to please anyone who has a love for artistry. I am a new fan and so ecstatic that my ears had the pleasure of Mezzanine Floor this morning.  GOOOOO BIG DUDES.

This weekend is a busy one with Halloween, Kings of Leon and loads of other stuff happening.
What ever you do party your brains out, and be careful.

Till next week.
Peace out party people.

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