Monday, October 24, 2011

WONDERboom- Slowburn

New Boom by
WONDERboom my space page
WONDERboom has always been a legend in the South African music industry.  You cannot proclaim to be a South African music lover and not know any of their songs.

Their next Single is called Slowburn from their new album The Automatic shuffle will be released later this week is stunning. So thank goodness the link to the song was sent to us, because my dear Blogger and I where not talking to each other.

So listen to Slowburn now :)

Other great news from WONDERboom is that they will be performing two unique shows for Johannesburg audiences at the end of November.  It is said to be never seen before and uniquely WONDERboom, the press release will have all the information in.

So with out any further delays, listen and enjoy their Single Slowburn.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm learning a lot about bands I never knew about before.!

Drizel said...

That's why I am here.....educate the masses, whahaha :)